Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Make your own easy zippered pouch

I make these all of the time. It is super easy- a  pleasantly gratifying project. The pouches are fully lined; it can be a little tricky to figure out on your own, hence the tutorial.

First choose coordinating fabric that you like. You will also need a zipper. I chose this super cute Cath Kidston floral canvas and Free Spirit lining. Both are available on Etsy.

I like to use the zipper as a guide for cutting out the pouch, Make the lining about one inch longer than the main fabric. The pouch can be any size that you like as long as it is a rectangle.

Iron the top of the lining fabric over about 3/4 of an inch. This will make it much easier to atatch it to the pouch- do not skip this step!

Sew the top of the main fabric to the zipper, then iron the wrong side up.

Now you will be glad that you ironed! Place the lining fabric over the zipper and sew along both sides. If it is a little uneven at the sides, don't worry- you can fix it in the next step.

Now, turn it inside out and sew around the perimeter, leaving the bottom of the lining open. Leave the zipper partially open so that you can turn it right side out again. It is also a lot easier if you start each seam at the zipper- that keeps it from shifting and... inevitable seam ripping.

Now turn it the right side out. Fold the lining in and sew it closed. I don't mind the seam being visible because it is in the inside of the pouch.

Tada! Wow! It changed colors. That is because the picture I took came out very badly and I didn't realize it until after sundown.

I use these pouches all the the time. My kids even use them to store crayons (for car rides) and little toys.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

EveryBaby Sweaters

Christmas is coming! I don't think my sister-in-law follows my blog, but if you are reading this, Michelle, don't look! 

Any who, I used the EveryBaby Cardigan pattern by Melissa Labarre. It knits up so quickly! I made the first in a little over a week (with many days of no knitting) and the second in about three days. It goes quickly because it is made with worsted weight yarn. 

This is 0-6 months, made with Madeline Tosh's colorway Fragrant. The yarn was initially meant for my other niece, who is a teenager, but when I ordered it, I thought it would be less pink.  Oops! A happy mistake, indeed.

The second is much more difficult to photograph. The yarn is in it's natural color. It is hand-spun. I did make some shortcuts to the pattern by reducing the amount of moss stitch. It has a natural shell button.

I am working on a new project (cables, this time), but am not a fan of how the yarn is looking. I am thinking about frogging it back and starting over with better yarn. I have to make up my mind quickly, because it is a Christmas present!

I visited Holy Myrrh Bearers Monastery today and they gave me two skeins of Icelandic hand-spun (!!!) and large samples of several different fleeces to spin. The nun who gave them to me is so sweet- and so in-tune with her flock! She has those sheep so well trained. The bags of roving came with little notes of what sheep each came from- so sweet. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Persephone Scarf

I just finished my first lace project: the Persephone scarf. I bought the yarn from Eat Sleep Knit at the All American Council (for OCA Orthodox churches) in Atlanta, Georgia. The yarn is a dreamy blend of wool and silk bManos del Uruguay Fino. The only modifications I made from the pattern (except a few annoying mistakes) was that I made it a little longer (5 repeats instead of 4) and I sewed the edges together to create an infinity scarf. It took several weeks, but would have been much shorter if we didn't buy a house and move while making it. 

I  love how it matched my knitting notion's bag.

It was so exciting to see the lace grow.  Unfortunately, I had to frog so much of it back that it felt like I knitted the first repeat twice.

As a side note, if you are using a chart, marking it wish washi tape is the way to go! It is easily removable and doesn't loose it's stickiness.

My friend and I were unofficially racing to finish first. She was stalled with running out of yarn and needing to make an order, while I was stalled by moving. It was fun that our colors looked so good together.

Ten points for Gryffindor if you can find the mistake. 

I decided to connect the edges and turn it into an infinity scarf. I wear my scarves like that 100% of the time anyway, so it works out a lot better for me. There was a time when I swore off infinity scarves because they were so popular. I also did the same thing with ballet flats and pumpkin spice. Now they are all some of my favorite things. Ha. 
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