Wednesday, December 16, 2015

EveryBaby Sweaters

Christmas is coming! I don't think my sister-in-law follows my blog, but if you are reading this, Michelle, don't look! 

Any who, I used the EveryBaby Cardigan pattern by Melissa Labarre. It knits up so quickly! I made the first in a little over a week (with many days of no knitting) and the second in about three days. It goes quickly because it is made with worsted weight yarn. 

This is 0-6 months, made with Madeline Tosh's colorway Fragrant. The yarn was initially meant for my other niece, who is a teenager, but when I ordered it, I thought it would be less pink.  Oops! A happy mistake, indeed.

The second is much more difficult to photograph. The yarn is in it's natural color. It is hand-spun. I did make some shortcuts to the pattern by reducing the amount of moss stitch. It has a natural shell button.

I am working on a new project (cables, this time), but am not a fan of how the yarn is looking. I am thinking about frogging it back and starting over with better yarn. I have to make up my mind quickly, because it is a Christmas present!

I visited Holy Myrrh Bearers Monastery today and they gave me two skeins of Icelandic hand-spun (!!!) and large samples of several different fleeces to spin. The nun who gave them to me is so sweet- and so in-tune with her flock! She has those sheep so well trained. The bags of roving came with little notes of what sheep each came from- so sweet. 


  1. how special, that nuns giving you that wool, etc!!! and that pink sweater is just dear! God bless you!

  2. What a lovely gift from the nuns! (And your work is beautiful!)


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