Saturday, October 3, 2015

Epistrophy Cardigan

I started this cardigan in the spring. I had high plans of finishing it within two months, ha! It took about eight. It certainly could have been less, but I got bored and set it aside for quite a few weeks in the summer.

I posted this on my Instagram a few days ago, so if you follow me there, this is old news.

The pattern is Epistrophy, by Kate Davies. I love her designs. All of the decreases are hidden in the diamonds. It is knit from the bottom up, with a yoke. It features a beaded rib. The whole thing is knitted in the round, with a steek, then (horrifically) cut.

The yarn is the Wool from the Andes Worsted Merlot Heather and the contrast is a heathered black. I bought it last year at their annual yarn sale, so the cost was about $30 to make, I think. The yarn IS scratchy. I am not in love with the yarn. I might try soaking it in conditioner, but I am too impatient to let it dry because I want to wear it everyday.

And now for a cellphone photo history of its making. I usually avoid posting cellphone pictures on the blog, but I so rarely have my big camera out to take daily progress pictures, I decided to post them:

Knitting the button bands
It was scary to cut open! I first had to sew several reinforcing seams down the from with a sewing machine. 
I loved the colorwork; it  was my favorite part.

I should have spent more time knitting in the hammock.

Kate and I knitted at the All American Council in Atlanta. I got a lot of the sweater done that week.

The sleeves felt somewhat evil.

The cuff of the sleeve.

Working the body.

Ha, this was probably from March.

The beaded rib of the bottom band. I think this was my third try because I kept messing it up.


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