Friday, November 21, 2014

Finished Hat

I finally finished my first cabling project last night. It is for Katherine. 

Her hair!!

Honestly, I was hoping it would be adult sized, haha. I find it amusing that I can cable, but still can barely determine what size it will be when finished. Gauging is still a mystery for me even though I have read about how to do it. 

I highly recommend this pattern. Remember, I only learned how to knit about two months ago. Seriously, cabling looks hard, but it really isn't. 

Cell phone photo!

I took my friend's advice and made the chart color coded. It made a world of difference.

My camera's settings still mystify me. This hat is really the purple color as shown in the other pictures. 

The design is so lovely. I will definitely try this pattern again. I made lots of mistakes that are hard to see in the photos, but believe me, they are there!


  1. it's a lovely hat and mistakes in my world are just part of the knitting process... :))) it's lovely! you are doing so well! I bet someday you could design / make some patterns for knitting.... :)

  2. Pretty! I love how it makes a star at the top!

  3. I love it! Great work, and it looks so warm and cozy. I'll bet Katherine loves it. (And color-coding your chart is such a great idea.)

  4. Wow! Two months in, I'm impressed. I tried to learn to knit once from youtube didn't go well.


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