Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Using the Washi pattern as a top


I haven't been posting (like usual) but I have been over-the-top busy with sewing. I decided to expand my business into sewing Orthodox liturgical items like vestments and paraments. Phew! My kitchen really is my personal sweat shop these days.

Any who, I thought I would share some clothing that I made using the Made by Rae Washi expansion pack. I think the Washi is one of my favorite patterns- it works so well with many fabrics and is quite easy to sew. You can make dresses or tops out of the same pattern. The new pattern expansion includes new necklines and sleeve variations.

This one is a chambray Washi, lined with a floral cotton. I did not use the expansion pack for this one. If I remember correctly, it was released later that day (after sewing) and I needed fifty cups of tea to recover from the horrid timing.

I always like how the linings look.

I made this one in a very soft cotton. It was my favorite. I don't think it looks home-made. At least I hope not, haha! I always worry when people ask me if I made what I was wearing.

I never said anything at the time, but I had another miscarriage the week of Christmas. It was pretty rough- I sewed a lot to help myself feel better.

I made this throw quilt as a Christmas gift as well. Quilt making is not for me! It is amusing how various forms of sewing attract and detract people. Maybe someday I will like quilting, ha.

Sure, this photo is like three months late, but I have to share the awesome. The Defiant as a Christmas tree ornament!!! (For non-nerds- it is from Star Trek Deep Space Nine, which has my heart)

And to continue with a theme- Star Trek Christmas Cookies!


  1. hi... been thinking of you... sorry I did not comment... was really crazy day when I read this post. so sorry for your loss at Christmas time. it is a blessing to have something to help us get through tough times. sending my love to you...

  2. I love all your creations! And I'm so sorry for another sad loss...but so glad that sewing could be a therapeutic activity to help you during this time. It's funny that you enjoy sewing clothes more than quilts...I find quilts easier! I think it's because I never want to use a pattern, am in love with scraps and patchwork, and want lots of warm things to wrap up in!

  3. Your posts make me want to learn to sew my own clothes! :-)
    Love that top, tve one you hoped didn't look hand-made (it doesnt!) ! Our cloth design choices would def . be different, but it's a great shirt!
    & LOVE the Defiant ornament!!!

  4. I love everything you sew and I am sorry that you lost your little one.


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