Friday, October 11, 2013

Linen maxi Washi dress

I have been wanting a linen dress for a long time. My favorite skirt is linen. BUT LINEN IS SO EXPENSIVE. :( However, I found a great sale on one day and ordered five yards of lovely linen. I decided to make a maxi Washi dress.

I think it *almost* looks like a regency dress, so maybe I should sip some tea and play the piano while shopping for new TOMS because this picture shows that they are starting to get holes.

The inside construction is lovely, thanks to Rae's gorgeous pattern. I think I should have lined it with a soft cotton, but I didn't have any that matched the right color. I had to hand stitch the lining in place and it was one of the most soothing sewing jobs that I have ever done. I don't know why. I usually try to avoid hand sewing. Also, as you can see, the dress has pockets, which is super awesome.

The darts (in the bodice) look a little funky in the picture, but I was too lazy to readjust the mannequin and take more pictures after I realized it (hours later).

You can't see, but the back of the dress is shirred with elastic thread. No closures! Yay!

This pattern is so easy to sew- you should try it!


  1. that is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just love it! I love linen too, even thought it wrinkles, it is just so fun; the fabric and it's colour and pattern is just lovely; a soothing colour ... :)

  2. I love it!!!! The fabric is beautiful and the pattern so pretty and simple!!! :) Beautiful job!

  3. That is beautiful linen. I have been buying a bunch from that website to make towels. Too scared to cut it too much.


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