Monday, July 22, 2013

Lavender vanilla macarons

I used vegetable coloring to make these a soft purple. I stuffed them with vanilla butter-cream, then rolled them in dried lavender flowers.

On an interesting note, that day I made four batches. One of them completely failed in the oven. I have no idea why! It is so weird to make the same recipe, using the same method, and have one batch out of four completely messed up.

Sometimes I wish I could run a part-time bakery. No, no- a coffee shop! Now that would be amazing. That has actually been a dream of mine for about ten years. Maybe one day!

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  1. beautiful! It's a lot of work to be self-employed and a lot of research needed; I understand that dream!

    wondering if it batch that did not turn out was the last? could of the oven heated up more over time? just a thought... (I've never made them)...


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