Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shirt to skirt in twenty minutes

This was probably the easiest skirt to make in the world. The entire world.

I recently acquired a plus sized shirt from my late-grandmother. Even though she died several years ago, I still miss her deeply. I was happy to have something of hers that I could make into something useful. When I saw it, I thought it would make a simple skirt. It was so easy! Now I would like to raid the thrift store to make more. I wanted to share how to do this yourself. 

You can pretty much tell if the shirt is large enough by comparing it to your waist.
Cut a straight line as high as you can, beneath the sleeves.

Cut a strip of thick elastic (I used 3") to the size of your waist and sew together using an elastic stitch. I like using thick elastic because it creates a bold waistband to wear over a tucked in shirt. 

Baste the raw edge and ruffle so that it fits the waistband.

Use a zigzag stitch to sew the waistband to the skirt. I didn't even use pins!

Trim the threads and you are done!

The fabric was a silky polyester. It is a lot of fun to wear.

If you would like a cute skirt without having to make one, I sell cheap skirts in my shop!

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