Saturday, June 11, 2011


Well, I did have the intentions of posting while on my trip to see my parents, but as you can see, nothing came of that plan.

I had a wonderful trip with Katherine. We stayed with my family in Upstate NY while Matt attended a conference in NYC about church growth, chastity and how to deal with those who are addicted to internet pornography. Heavy hitters, huh? He told me that he has had a marvelous time.

Basically, his trip would not have happened if I didn't stay with my parents. There is no way that I was ready to handle Tues-Sat, still working, taking care of Katherine and being ready to give birth at any time.However, I was really looking forward to seeing my parents, brothers and old friends.

I just got back tonight. Matt is coming back in the late-afternoon tomorrow. I can't wait to see him!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

What has happened to my memory?

I have always been somewhat absent minded, but I took it to new extremes today.

We have been planning on visiting Matt's family in Queens. This trip had to be cancelled and rescheduled and rescheduled for the past two months, I think. It is terrible. At least we finally reached a time when we were all free.

I scurried about this morning making sure everything was attended to. I very carefully packed Katherine's clothes (accounting for the inevitable leaks) and was happy that it finally fit on one big bag. I went all out- I cleaned so we could come home to a nice house, watered plants, washed dishes, everything.

Since I have to drive home by myself for the first time (NOT A FAN) as Matt is saying in the city for a conference this week, I wanted to have some great car music. In addition, I am leaving the day after I get home to go to my family in Upstate NY. Lots more driving= I need new music. I worked for a while looking for new songs to get from iTunes. It was great until with the slip of a click... I deleted my ipod. Yes, all of my hard work of organizing songs (a multi-year creation) was wiped out. I felt that sinking feeling like you get when you accidentally run over your pet. I put some music back on it, but it really needs a lot of time to be thoroughly replaced.

We got on the road. I am not going to list each delay we had, but it was a lot.  While driving I realized that I left Katherine's clothes and pack of diapers at home. I also realized that I left my ipod at home. However, the worst of all was that when I called to say we would be late, I found out that we were supposed to visit next week.

Thankfully, in the end, it all worked out. They were free, so we could still come. Matt bought Katherine some diapers and we will get her some new clothes tomorrow. When I opened my bag I found out that I actually did pack my ipod.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thrift store finds

So, I was super excited to have had a marvelous shopping experience. Actually, it wasn't marvelous, but two great finds made it up. First of all, I DIDN'T get this gorgeous vintage pillowcase that would have been an adorable summer dress for Katherine. Sigh. All I could think was that all of the germs of Pennsylvania were on those sheets. Though this might be true, that is what washing machines are for: ten cycles (just kidding).

The maternity clothes was also a bomb out. I can usually find at least one really good thing, but it was cleaned out for my size. Of course there were some insanely hideous looking alternatives which made me wonder why they were ever made in the first place- do people think this looks good? I almost took pictures.

At any rate, when I came to the housewares section, I was pleasantly surprised.

This lovely hand painting was about two dollars.

Next I found bags of thread for about three dollars each- these bags were large and STUFFED with thread. Here lies the third problem of the day: I only bought one bag. Still, that one bag was pretty decent. When I got I found these cool, ancient wooden spools:

So that was that! I really should go back for that pillowcase and thread...
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