Sunday, May 29, 2011


I am working on a new project that I shall hopefully be able to post later. My goal is to finish it today. This delayed me:

I didn't even mean to give her patriotic food.
I have been trying to teach Katherine what "done" and "more" mean. After eating for a while she threw her arms in the air and said "da" or something like that. She kept repeating the "d" sounds and was acting like she was done. Normally I would have bribed her with cool utensils so I could keep sewing but she seemed so adamant about being done. If her "da" sounds could have meant by some miracle that she is learning how to tell me when she is finished (her meals can take a loooong time) I didn't want to spoil it as it was blossoming, so I brought her to the computer/tv/fun room to play.

She deserved it- it was such a long liturgy today. We spent most of it outside because it was boiling hot inside. I thought I would either go into labor, throw up in front of everyone or pass out, haha (maybe not that dramatic). Plus, Katherine was all out of sorts. There were a hundred million people there today for the pilgrimage so there was barely a place for her to be. Any how, it all worked out. Then this happened:

Sweet, right? Sure. She has seemed to have forgotten about since she she has come home (we can only hope). She loved her nose for a while though. Sigh.

Tomorrow is the main part of the pilgrimage in which hundreds of people will come for the day. A lot of friends who graduated last year have already come for it, so tomorrow will be a lot of fun. Also, there will be a local homemade ice cream booth which I am dead set on spending my life savings on.

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