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My take on sippy cups- what works for breastfed babies.

Ok, so I will admit it. Katherine is over ten months old and has just mastered a sippy cup meant for four month olds. I did attempt to get her to use one once when she was four months, but it didn't go so well. She only needed it for some prune juice (another story in the poop chronicles- that I, thankfully, never wrote). SO, I never pushed it until now. Our little boy is due in a month and a half. Frankly, I don't want to be nursing two babies full time. Sure, Katherine's diet is focused around a lot of table food, however, up until now all of her fluids are from nursing. I plan on letting her nurse as long as she wants to (?), but on a cut back schedule.

Trying to find a sippy cup for a little girl who has nursed without a bottle for months and who hasn't had a pacifier in a good amount of time is not easy for us. Maybe Katherine is just picky. I don't know.

My blog isn't good enough (someday!) to have sponsors, so I am not getting anything from this. I just thought it could be useful for other nursing pacifier-less moms who pull out their hair trying to get their babies to use a cup without a huge mess.

Spoiler: the best cup is at the end, so just skip to it if you don't care about the others

Cup trial number one: Advent Magic Trainer Cup

Avent 7oz Magic Trainer Cup Twin Pack "colors may vary"
I gave her the Advent cup. I am sure this will be a great cup for her when she understands the concept of a sippy cup. The problem is that she has to suck quite hard to get anything. If I take the stopper out it leaks everywhere. The other downside to this cup is that the handles are not attached to the bottle. I am assuming this is some sort of "transition from a bottle" phase but since she wasn't used a bottle, it is just annoying to get the lid screwed on tightly enough AND to get the handles in the right position. It is an odd shape to wash as well.

Out of five stars, I would give it a 2.5

Cup trial number two: Nuk Graduates
NUK Gerber BPA Free Fun Grips Soft Starter Spill Proof Cup 2 Hand le, 6 Ounce, 2 Pack, Horizontal, Colors May Vary
I liked this one a lot at first. She still couldn't figure out that she was supposed to suck it. She chewed it a lot though (Like the other). However, I did get her to use it by taking out the stopper. It has a more controlled flow so if she knocked it over or held it upside-down it didn't get terribly messy. It is easy to wash, Since the handles are connected at the base it is easier than the Advent cup. Still, I was looking for something that she could pick up when she wanted that I wouldn't have to worry about a constant potential mess with.

Out of five stars, I would give it a 4

Cup trial number three: Tommy Tippee Sips Weaning Cup

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature First Sips Weaning Cup - 4m+ - 5 Oz. (Pink)
This cup advertises that it is closer to nature. Phew, I was excited about that. The inside valve looked impressive- more impressive than the others. It is just as easy to wash as the Nuk. But the important part? The nipple was still too hard for Katherine to do anything more than gnaw on.

Out of five stars, I would give it a 4

Drum roll here...

The winner: Nuk Learner Cup W/ Silicone Spout
NUK Learner Cup BPA Free Silicone Spout, Single Pack, Colors May Vary

This cup stands out among all of the others that I could find. I got it from Wegmans and I know you can get it from Amazon because that is where I got the picture. The spout/nipple is shaped like a cross between a bottle nipple, pacifier and a sippy cup top. It is as pliable as a bottle nipple. I am not going to lie, I had to get Katherine to watch me make sucking motions so she would imitate me (I tried that with the others as well). Presto! She sucks a sippy cup! She loves it. I am sure that since she understands how it works she will easily adapt to the other cups. The soft nipple/spout was what made all of the difference. The downside to it is that if she drops it the plastic attracts hair, fuzz or dirt. Still, I think it is well worth it.

5 stars!

Now I am a happy mama. If you are having problems with getting your baby to use a cup I would suggest trying to give your baby only water at first. I have heard some people recommend milk or juice so that the experience is more rewarding, but frankly, I didn't want to deal with that much mess. I am very satisfied.


  1. Thanks! My second child was breastfed till 15 months but I didn't try giving her a bottle till after 6 months so she wanted nothing to do with it. So she never had a bottle. She had trouble taking the sippy cup too. When it came time to wean her (I decided that was best for us) I tried putting milk in sippy cup but she didn't want it. I tried a bottle but she didn't want it. I had so much trouble.

    My third child is now 5 weeks. I will keep what you said in mind if I have trouble again getting him to use a sippy cup.

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    (As for being big enough for sponsors, just keep writing great reviews like this and posts about the topics you want to blog about and companies will start contacting you. The trick is to keep posting regularly.)

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  2. we have these sippys...

    And we LOVE them. my mom bought us a pack of 5 from Sams club and my son drinks from them like a pro. There is no valve like all the other sippy cups out there. so no extra piece to try to clean or worry about loosing. Baby controls the flow of the liquid based on how hard and fast they suck. Plus its a silicone nipple like end so that made it easier to transition as well as ease to go back and forth from sippy to nursing. I personally love these and don't think I would ever buy a different type.

  3. A friend recommended the Playtex sippy cup to me, but my little boy is NOT getting the part where he has to suck on it to make anything happen. Maybe I should demonstrate like you did! Instead I just keep putting it away and telling myself that I'll try again when he's a little older. He's bottle fed so sometimes I'll put water in his bottle when I think he may need extra hydration (poop chronicles indeed) and he likes that so far. Yay for procrastination! But I'm glad you found something that worked for you. :-)


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