Thursday, May 5, 2011

A moment to aknowledge (Post #1)

I would like to occasionally acknowledge different people whoI have been blessed with knowing. Though I dodn't want to get overly sappy, I dodn't want also leave out the serious stuff, so here goes...

Taken three days short of a year ago, but we still look the same... including me being in the third trimester.
So? Matt is a great guy, really. He has really helped me to become a better person. I am inspired by his devotion to God and how he always cares so much about things. He is also one of the funniest people I know. Now that Katherine is more interactive, our house sounds like a crazy place with all of the sounds he makes to her. I keep reminding him that the window is open and our neighbors will think we have lost it.

How we met: We met at an Evangelical Christian group on campus. He was telling someone that Masada was really a failed nuclear science program. As a history major, I found it quite entertaining.

When he first told me he liked me: I told him no and not ever. We were coming from quite different Christian spectrums (Orthodox and Pentecostal) and I didn't want to change for a guy. I did become Orthodox, but it was only through prayer and tons of study- his part in it was that I was interested in learning about a form of Christianity that I didn't know a lot about. As I learned more I felt compelled that it was true. Yeah, I liked him, but I wasn't going to give up my religion for him.

Sum up our relationship in the past two years: Got married, moved to seminary, had a baby, are having another baby.

He wears a dress because? It is not really a dress. It is a cassock- a religious garment worn by clergy on the Orthodox Christian Church. He is a seminarian and was recently ordained a deacon. (To compare it to Evangelical clergy, it is closer to being an Associate pastor- at least from my expereince.)

One thing he has helped me with: He has helped me to realize that I don't need to hide behind cosmetics. I was doing that a lot because I wasn't confident enough about myself. I still struggle with it, but he always helps pull me through. I don't think make-up is wrong though.

Random fact: He is super good at color coordination and knows more about Star Wars than I probably know about Jane Austen.

His weakness: Baby spit.

Our favorite place to go together: Just about anything that involves eating. At times we eat copious amounts of Chinese food.

My prediction in ten years: We will be working with some church and probably have a hundred kids.


  1. I tried to leave a comment before, but it didn't work! Anyhow, I love this post so much. Hearing how couples met and how they work together/help each other is always so fascinating. As an interesting aside, my husband encouraged me in a similar manner about cosmetics...I like to think of all the money we're saving by not buying them, lolz.

  2. Oh sweety, this is wonderful! I'm reaally happy for you, because it seems to me that God gave to you a good father and husband. Awwn and you are pregnant! This is so amazing like all your history! I'm glad to have meet you on IFB!

    Best regards,

  3. Hi Rebekah! Christ has risen. I just started reading your blog. I love all the crafty things you create. We are also orthodox and have three young children. My husband is considering seminary. If this is the path God leads us on, I would enjoy getting any insights from a wife's perspective. In Christ, Melanie.

  4. Hi, Rebekah! Christ has Risen!
    I've just discovered your blog. It was so nice to read about you two! I'm always happy to read about people giving up their religion for Orthodoxy (for the good reason!).
    [Unlike you, I was born Orthodox (I'm from Romania)]
    You both look so cute and in love in the picture above!

    About using make-up I could tell you that our Romanian orthodox fathers consider it a sin.
    It's like ... we are not happy with what God gave to us and we consider that He made us imperfect and feel to correct His work.

    Make-up gives us a certain confidence because nowadays the world (we live in) works this way, but ... we should resist an not use it.
    I myself struggle sometimes with the thought of using make-up (especially because my hair started to turn gray a little :), although I'm only 31). I used to wear a little make-up (mascara and lipstick) a few years ago, but not anymore. I still use moisturizer, though, just for skin care.

    Another reason for not using make-up could be that cosmetics involve A LOT of substances that penetrates our skin daily and we don't know how they could affect our health (in a long time).

    Please forgive my English, I don't have too many occasion to speak or write in English, so I tend to forget what school taught me years ago (especially grammar rules). :) Unfortunately ...

  5. Thanks, Maria! I agree with you about the unhealthy chemicals. I recently discovered that some of the red colors on make-up is made from insects. I also agree with the spiritual part. I learned about the Church fathers disagreeing with it as well. Even still, it can be a battle. Don't worry- your English is great.


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