Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The last few days- plus a cry for help.

In case you wondered where I was- our internet died on Friday. :( It was tough, but we survived no internet until today. Thankfully, it was nothing major- a shorting line. It was fixed for free- yay, Verizon!

You may think that with all of this time on my hands (my work is online) I did some awesome craftalicious work. Nope. Nada. Even though I had high ambitions of sewing up a storm, I mostly took a well needed break.

I did do a lot of gardening. It was so nice. I love planting seeds and plants in the spring. It takes me back to my childhood. Landscaping our backyard is a work in progress. I will take some pictures and post them later. There really isn't a lot to see right now.

I do have a question for anyone who reads this. This is my dilemma: I put way to much of my heart into the flowers in the front of the house. Without fail, people steal (sometimes throwing in the mud, pulling up by the roots or strewing on the sidewalk) my beloved hydrangeas, gladiolas- anything within reach. I can't begin to describe you how upset this makes me. Yeah, I was that person who was crying in the street. For realz. Outside of installing some hardcore electrical shock system (my favorite), do any of you have an idea that might discourage this from happening this year? I was thinking about a little sign that says "Look, don't touch" but that might inspire this sadism to extreme measures to spite me. Of course, I also thought about hiding out on the porch and jumping out at the person. I know I am taking it too seriously when I suspect every person I see on our sidewalk and even listen by the window as if the kids are going to talk about stealing my flowers when they walk by. How sad. I have to confess this, haha.

Seriously though, any ideas? My plot is too small for a fence. 

I will note that I have now been planting flowers that are bushy and not likely to be savagely dismembered. However, I have a lot of older stock that is incredibly tempting... and it is about to bloom...


  1. How sad! How close is it to the sidewalk? Mabe some of those small "picket" garden seperator thiniges. (sorry, don't know the name) I saw some at the dollar tree. Maybe if you put those at the end of the yard it might help to discourage them some. Or maybe a a little ditty about pick a flower and it's gone, let it grow and everyone can enjoy it, but cuter?

  2. Thanks! I was thinking about something like that. It literally touches the sidewalk.

  3. I've been trying to comment for a while. Let's see if this works and if it does, I'll post the actual comment...

  4. Yay! I tried something and it worked.

    So, here is my suggestion which is sounding more lame by the minute:

    Poke some long-stemmed fake flowers in with the real ones with signs attached that say "pick me! not them!"

  5. Someone posted something similar on FB and I have been thinking about it a lot. We shall see!


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