Monday, April 25, 2011

Whimsy blue bird baby toy tutorial

I have had piles of scraps and old clothes/random stuff that I have been meaning to make into new things. This is because A. I am cheap, B. I like crafting and C. I like putting as much use into an item as possible in an effort to shy away from the consumer mentality.

My mother and grandmother used to handcraft toys for me as a child- they often were my favorites. I wanted to do the same for Katherine. In addition to have something made by love, she can also grow up with recycled handmade things.

It would look more realistic if she wasn't holding it upside-down, haha.
What you need:

Scraps of various textures and colors. I used an old pillow case, shreds of an old t-shirt for stuffing, a tiny piece of ribbon for the beak and tiny pieces of another old black t-shirt for the eyes.

I would not recommend using buttons as they could come off and become a chocking hazard.

Old pillowcase
Step one:
I am not an artist.
Draw a simple bird shape on the fabric you wish to use for the body. I used the first piece to trace for the second. Remember, use the wrong side of the fabric for the second (Me= fail).

I wanted to use various textures to keep her interest up, so I used a soft fleece fabric on one side and a silk(fake) on the other. It kind of has a Two-Face effect, but Katherine has never seen Batman, so she won't be disturbed.

Sew the sides together, leaving a space to turn the right way out.
I left the part under the tail open.
Make sure you check for areas that might fray- double stitch those areas.

Step Two:

Cut out leaf shapes for the wings. I winged it (haha! Right?! Yeah, lame). Seriously though, I didn't use a pattern or anything- it really doesn't matter. Just remember to add for a seam allowance.

Sew these together leaving a space open to turn the right way out. Again, I used a fuzzy one and a soft one.

Step Three:
I just folded the body in half and used a ziz-zag stich to attatch the wings. I know, there are better ways of doing this, but I was making it while Katherine was eating lunch and I kept having to give her spoons to play with or bits of bread to buy more time.

I used a piece of gold ribbon for the beak. I folded the end and used a zig-zag stitch to hold it in place. I attached it after I filled the bird with stuffing. Bad idea; attach the beak first. Just attach it the same way as the wings. Nothing fancy, remember the baby is getting restless in the highchair!

I did not take photos of this. I used shreds of an old t-shirt sleeves to stuff the body. I don't own polyester fill and if I did, it would be defeating the purpose of using recycled scraps.

After stuffing, I sewed up the open end under the tail.

To attach the eyes, I just hand stitched some pieces of folded black fabric. You want to stitch the life out of these things (and the beak) so the baby can't chew it off.

 Now it is done! I thought about adding a little piece of pink silk for its chest, but haven't yet.

You can use your imagination with fabric choices.

Katherine loves chewing this. Since there is no stuffing in the wings, it is easy for her to hold and stick in her mouth.

She approves!


  1. That is seriously adorable! Do you plan to make more and add them to etsy?

  2. I am not sure. I thought about it!

  3. This is super cute and it looks sooo cuddly. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)

  4. Super Cute!

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  8. Enjoyed this tutorial. Your baby girl is so cute. Gonna try this baby toy DIY out.


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