Saturday, April 23, 2011

What we have been doing

Matt was asked to help out at a church in NY for the Holy Week services leading up to Pascha/Easter. So... we packed out bags and headed out on Thursday. The church got a hotel for us, which is awesome.

Katherine doesn't think so. She has been pretty difficult to keep happy, but for a nearly ten month old, of course she doesn't understand the strange place. Someone from housekeeping just came in and she pouted and cried (her scared cry) it was sad and cute at the same time.

The services are going well. The church is gorgeous- completely covered with beautiful icons:
The downside is that I now truly feel the third trimester woes. My back is killing me! I am walking around so stiffly. To make matters worse, I have been having more and more Brackston Hicks contractions. Since I had pre-term labor problems with Katherine, I have to be very careful it doesn't repeat itself. So, I stayed at the hotel this morning with Katherine while Matt went to church. 
When I get back home, I promise more crafty posts, lol.

One of the few happy moments of the morning.

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  1. I hope you are feeling well and that you had a wonderful Paschal weekend! Christ is Risen!


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