Monday, April 11, 2011

What I wore and other ramblings

I will start with the good. After an up and down prediction by meteorologists, today was just over 80 degrees. It was amazing. Matt and I took Katherine to the park and just hung out for a little bit while Katherine tried to eat mulch, a stick and a crunchy oak leaf. 

Cardigan: Forever 21
Blue under-dress: Chadwicks
Sun-dress: Thrifted (Derek Heart)
Flats: The Shoe Depot
Finding nice maternity clothes is tough! I spend far too much time looking for good deals and coming up with fashion tips. I want to be adding more of that to my blog. To be completely honest, being pregnant is something I am struggling a lot with right now. I feel fine, but after two back-to-back pregnancies, I am so tired of being huge. I am (sadly) to the point where when strangers  make jokes of how big I am. I laugh it off on the outside, but it sticks with me and comes back when I let my guard down. Oh well! I guess it could be worse!

I took Katherine to her well-child visit today. She is doing great- all except for not crawling. It is fine at this point (nine and a half months), but her doctor threatened having some sort of "early intervention" agency coming to our home (To teach her how to crawl?) in a month if she doesn't learn by then. Yikes. I have already decided that unless I find (and I will read about it) something that proves otherwise,  I am going to deny that "service." It is not that I have anything to hide for an agency coming in to our home, but, frankly I don't see the point. I have known of babies to never crawl and go straight to walking (In my own family- and that particular person is one of the smartest and most physically productive people I have ever had the honor of knowing). She gets everywhere just fine (rolling) and is hitting all of her other milestones, so what is the deal? If any of you have advice that contradicts what I am saying, please feel free to leave a comment ( I am not above correction). In addition, I don't want her to become stigmatized by being behind in development. Just let her be a kid and crawl when she wants to. If she starts showing other signs of a delay then fine, but really? Poor kid.

Well, to end it all well, here are a few pictures from the park (Matt was there too, but he took the pictures.)

Nine and a half months.


  1. That's ridiculous. Follow your own instincts. She'll crawl when she's ready, or she may not crawl at all (as you pointed out). My oldest didn't talk until she was significantly past 1. My mother was saying she was autistic. We taught her baby signs, her frustration went down, one day she decided, "well, ok" and talked. Now we wish she didn't talk so much...

  2. Thanks! My husband has been giving her crawling lessons, haha. I just hate it how quick many professionals are willing to label someone as being slow or needing help outside of the parents just because that person is slightly out of the norm. She has a few weeks before I am supposed to call her doctor to say if she is crawling or not. Hopefully we can avoid this whole ordeal if she picks it up.

  3. soo cute. and you look fabulous too.

  4. I agree that there is no need to worry. Our oldest didn't sit up until he was 10 months old. Then he crawled at 11 and took his first steps at one year old. there is no reason to stress over something like that. She is just fine... and incredibly adorable!

    So how far apart will the babies be?

  5. Well, according to the due date- six days short of a full year.


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