Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh my cheapskate goodness

I innocently went to Joanne Fabrics today to discover that not only had they increased the size of the store by massive amounts, tons of fabric is super cheap right now. Go to Joannes and see the sales! (Check your local listings to make sure the sale isn't a PA thing).

I got some amazing fabrics for super cheap prices. Whoo hoo! Look out Etsy shop...

Poor Katherine held up well (we had to go grocery shopping too), but we got back so late it was more than an hour after her usual bedtime. This is slightly off topic, but there are so many times that I look at her and amamazed that she is my child. She is so sweet and adorable. She has an incredible personality already. She is happy most of the time and often tries to be happy when things are not going so well for her. She shows so much affection to Matt and I. We are so blessed.

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