Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My poor thumb- a victim of domestic kitchen negligence...

For years my friends have told me that I scare them when I cut food. I always laugh it off, "Haha, ah, no, I almost never hurt myself..."

I also have a lot of dull knives. Was I using one of those today? No, only the sharpest paring knife I have. I was fulfilling my role of domestic mother goddessness and was dicing uncooked yams to boil for Katherine to eat over the next few days.
That was not a yam.

If my finger had been at a slightly different angle, I would have needed a trip to the ER. As it stands now, it can heal on its own, but has hurt all day. I almost considered taking a Tylenol for it.

A mere 15 hours later, it is still driving me crazy.

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  1. Thanks so much for your comments Rebekah! Lol, sorry about the post- it pre posted last night so I had to delete it and make it post this morning. eesh. Serioulsy great job on the dress!


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