Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fun times

So, Matt has the week off for Bright Week. He has been going to services a lot, that is good. I have gone extra as well. Bright Week has some of the loveliest services.

Katherine has been good,. She cut and bruised her face by falling over while sitting up. She sits up all of the time, but I think she wasn't paying attention or something. She is fine. I think she tried kissing me tonight. She put her mouth on my face for a few seconds then moved back. I have been trying to teach her how to kiss FOREVER. We were at a friend's house yesterday who has a little girl two weeks younger than Katherine. They sat on the floor next to each other laughing and touching each other. Katherine looked like she was giving her kisses then as well. We'll see if it continues!

I have been making some additions for my Etsy shop. I made some baby stuff for a friend as well. I am kind of hooked on making little coin purses with flowery fabrics. I love the dreamy, whimsical looks of Ruche. I usually have something like that in the back of my mind while putting things together. What I really wish I had is bolts and bolts of all sorts of lace... ah.... lovely.

I am only about 8 weeks away from my due date. I am fully into the "I can't move" stage. Gross. Right when I was getting so productive! I am hoping it subsides a bit over the next few days as I get more used to it. I have been getting heavier contractions (but not actually like real labor) when I do housework or just about anything active, so I am trying to gauge myself. I had to go on medicine for pre-term labor at 35 weeks for Katherine. The medicine was horrible and (according to several nurses) probably the reason why I had false labor for a month straight. I DO NOT WANT THIS AGAIN. Prayers would be much appreciated ;) Still, this has been a VERY easy pregnancy.

Well, I have a half finished purse that is calling my name! It has cute flowers (what a surprise) with a delicate lacy-ish pink lining. I also added blue piping on the side. I think it is a dandy, but it has to be completed! I think I am also going to make a lavender rice bag for my aching pregnant woeful body. hehe.

Terrible picture, I know.


  1. I can't believe you are already that close to your due date. :) How exciting!


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