Friday, March 18, 2011

The ordination

Well, Matt is a Deacon now. Weird. It is mostly weird because it doesn't seem any different, though it is. WELL, according to our bishop and spiritual father, he has to wear a cassock almost all of the time, so THAT is different. It is super hard getting used to (My huge personal battle). Still, I feel blessed by the whole experience. It definitely is a sacrifice, but we would rather live for God's will than ourselves (even though I fail at that and live for myself everyday).

Well, on to less serious matters... pictures! We have over a hundred pictures (literally) but that would be too many to post. Sadly, due to lighting, some came out blurry.

 One of our dear friends from home was the one who held the book for the actual ordination. Instead of having it at seminary, we did it at our home parish, back in NY. We were very glad for it.

 This is still weird for me to see. Oh, and being ordained in purple? Talk about a random color to find a million three sets of vestments for.

Matt, Katherine and I


  1. Many years to Deacon Matt and all of you! I love the family photo. :)

  2. Many years! May God bless your ministry and strengthen you throughout all the trials.


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