Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Lent!

I wish you all a blessed Great Lent.

Forgiveness Vespers at the monastery was beautiful tonight. I have such mixed feelings about Lent. I started the day judging others who say they like Lent.
     "Sure they like Lent," I said to my husband, while, ironically, driving to church, "Some people just act so pious, but, c'mon- how many people actually like Lent. At least I am being honest."

You know, I am sure there are many people who honestly do like it. Sadly, I am not one of them. However, I am looking forward to it in a weird way, though it is mostly for non-spiritual reasons. I think the main thing is that I have known that my life needs more order and less wasted time. Since we have cut out some forms of entertainment for Lent, I have to fill my time with something for worthwhile.

I guess it is all the little things that can make Lent so helpful. It really is a good tool, though I usualy think of it more an an instrument of murder for my happiness (*slight exaggeration, haha).

Well, time for bed. 

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