Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ahhhh, spring cleaning and various other things.

I have been cleaning so much, it is insane. I have been having the time of my life too. I have been trying to purge the house of things we don't need. It is so hard! I wish I was more merciless when it comes to getting rid of things. Still, I have been moving so much out of the house- it is so much nicer.

Well, it isn't a house, really- it is the upstairs of a house. Consequently, it is a small place. I would do a lot for one more closet. I would like to use the attic more often, but our landlord put tons of  lime on the floors, so I would rather not be in it.

Tonight, Matt is away with the St. Tikhon's Mission Choir. He should be back in an hour or so. It was a great excuse to do tons of work tonight. I usually fall into relaxation/dinner mode when he comes home. He has so so so many choir trips coming up. It is one of the hardest things I have had to put up with. I miss him so much when he is gone. As silly as it is, I almost always cry (or at least get choked up) when he leaves- even if it is for one weekend, lol. I don't know how I could handle him being gone for very long.

Well, to end this post- here is what I saw after Katherine's 2.75 hour nap:
Little did I know, she was excited to get her diaper changed- and it would be the worst one I had ever changed in her life. Still- she often looks like this when I come in to get her.

This was also today. For the first time, I gave her little baby puff cereal things in her toy bowl. She had a marvelous time with it. She has never eaten on the floor before- at least by herself.


  1. As a person whose husbands goes away all the time, I can say that it gets easier over time. When he first started travelling for his job, I only had two children. The transition was difficult, but now it isn't a big deal. Of course, we all miss him when he's gone, but we have learned how to do really well without him. It has been unfortunate that the last few times he has been gone for several weeks at a time and the family has been sick. It was very difficult being in my third trimester dealing with a stomach virus that hit all four of us while he was gone. Not fun! And he'll be leaving again in a week for a week. Then he'll be home for a couple of months (since I am already 34 weeks along) before leaving again in June-- and at that point, I'll have a newborn and three other kids five and under. It should be interesting. :)

    Katherine is adorable! I love that smile :)

  2. I just saw this comment. Bah- I am so bad about seeing comments. I wanted to say, thank you for the encouragement! I am definitely new to this and it is super hard. I feel for you this June!Oh my.


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