Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Well, I sewed up a storm and have some interesting things in my Etsy shop. Good times. My shop is mostly for my won enjoyment. I am not planning on quitting my job or anything, haha. Yeah, especially with my one four dollar sale that I jipped myself with shipping on. I just like sewing and would like to sell something once in a while.

We were able to go back home this past weekend to see family. Matt also got to serve for three services. We saw some people that we haven't seen in ages, it was lovely.

Katherine is supposed to be taking a nap, but I hear her shaking her rattle.

Here are a couple of  most things I posted:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ahhhh, spring cleaning and various other things.

I have been cleaning so much, it is insane. I have been having the time of my life too. I have been trying to purge the house of things we don't need. It is so hard! I wish I was more merciless when it comes to getting rid of things. Still, I have been moving so much out of the house- it is so much nicer.

Well, it isn't a house, really- it is the upstairs of a house. Consequently, it is a small place. I would do a lot for one more closet. I would like to use the attic more often, but our landlord put tons of  lime on the floors, so I would rather not be in it.

Tonight, Matt is away with the St. Tikhon's Mission Choir. He should be back in an hour or so. It was a great excuse to do tons of work tonight. I usually fall into relaxation/dinner mode when he comes home. He has so so so many choir trips coming up. It is one of the hardest things I have had to put up with. I miss him so much when he is gone. As silly as it is, I almost always cry (or at least get choked up) when he leaves- even if it is for one weekend, lol. I don't know how I could handle him being gone for very long.

Well, to end this post- here is what I saw after Katherine's 2.75 hour nap:
Little did I know, she was excited to get her diaper changed- and it would be the worst one I had ever changed in her life. Still- she often looks like this when I come in to get her.

This was also today. For the first time, I gave her little baby puff cereal things in her toy bowl. She had a marvelous time with it. She has never eaten on the floor before- at least by herself.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The ordination

Well, Matt is a Deacon now. Weird. It is mostly weird because it doesn't seem any different, though it is. WELL, according to our bishop and spiritual father, he has to wear a cassock almost all of the time, so THAT is different. It is super hard getting used to (My huge personal battle). Still, I feel blessed by the whole experience. It definitely is a sacrifice, but we would rather live for God's will than ourselves (even though I fail at that and live for myself everyday).

Well, on to less serious matters... pictures! We have over a hundred pictures (literally) but that would be too many to post. Sadly, due to lighting, some came out blurry.

 One of our dear friends from home was the one who held the book for the actual ordination. Instead of having it at seminary, we did it at our home parish, back in NY. We were very glad for it.

 This is still weird for me to see. Oh, and being ordained in purple? Talk about a random color to find a million three sets of vestments for.

Matt, Katherine and I

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Bumbo bag

We use a Bumbo all of the time. We always take it on long trips. It is even nice for evenings at friends' houses. HOWEVER, it is a pain to take anywhere. It is super light, but I can't find a bag that fits it. Consequently, I am left (when Matt is gone) carrying my purse, diaper bag, Katherine AND a Bumbo in my hand. It isn't a picnic- especially when you are about six months pregnant and live upstairs.

So I made a bag for myself. I had such a good experience with it, I decided to put on on Etsy. I have been wanting to start a shop for a while with some other things.

It was a lot of fun to make. I plan to use it for a lot of other things.

My new shop

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Surviving Lenten Cooking

Weeping, lamentations, gnashing of teeth, sackcloth and ashes- What? Did something horrible happen? No. I just have to cook vegan again. Oh the horror.

So, as you might see, I am not a fan of vegan cooking. I don't even know why. I think it is the lack of easy recipes that don't involve a separate shopping trip for each entree. I have been working up my collection of easy to prepare meals that we actually like. Of course, the point of Lent isn't to kill yourself in the kitchen to make delicious Lenten food, but it would be nice to not feel like you are eating cardboard every day. I am not fasting since I am both pregnant and nursing, but my husband is. Since he spends most of his time during the day at seminary, I eat my meat and cheese then. At night I make a Lenten meal that we can eat together.

THANKFULLY it has been getting a lot better with time. Our first full Lent I spent most of the time making stir fry. The problem was that
A. I didn't know how to use a wok,
2. I didn't know how to make stir fry correctly,
3. My only other meal was probably pasta with red sauce.

It was bleak.

So, I have a variety of meals now. So far, it has been rather enjoyable. I have realized that I have matured so much in the past few months.Probably my biggest boost has been to plan my day better. For a while, I was at a loss to make meals, take care of Katherine, get my required hours of work finished (I am an online teacher's assistant), and keep the house up to my standards. I went to bed around midnight so many times trying to finish my hours of grading exams for the day. Meanwhile, dishes were piled in the sink, laundry was backed up and there were cups and glasses all over the place.

I found that my biggest problem was not utilizing Katherine's nap times to my advantage. I now have been managing to get everything done-happy baby, clean house and work finished at a reasonable hour.

Consequently, this makes cooking our dinner enjoyable to me and not a time of stress. I have even had time to throw in some baking. So, yes, Lent is going well so far.

I made Thai pumpkin coconut soup tonight. It was fantastic- even for non-fasting days. The recipe is super easy and you can modify the ingredients to something more practical. I used canned pumpkin in place of chopped, fresh pumpkin, an onion in place of a shallot and lemon juice (reduced to 1/3) instead of lemon grass (though lemongrass would have been super awesome). You can also use carrots, broccoli, bok choy and mushrooms in addition or in place of other vegetables. I added rise to thicken it up.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Lent!

I wish you all a blessed Great Lent.

Forgiveness Vespers at the monastery was beautiful tonight. I have such mixed feelings about Lent. I started the day judging others who say they like Lent.
     "Sure they like Lent," I said to my husband, while, ironically, driving to church, "Some people just act so pious, but, c'mon- how many people actually like Lent. At least I am being honest."

You know, I am sure there are many people who honestly do like it. Sadly, I am not one of them. However, I am looking forward to it in a weird way, though it is mostly for non-spiritual reasons. I think the main thing is that I have known that my life needs more order and less wasted time. Since we have cut out some forms of entertainment for Lent, I have to fill my time with something for worthwhile.

I guess it is all the little things that can make Lent so helpful. It really is a good tool, though I usualy think of it more an an instrument of murder for my happiness (*slight exaggeration, haha).

Well, time for bed. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 12 and other things

Well, my husband, Matthew is being ordained as a Deacon March12 back at our home parish in Albany, New York.

For those of you who are not familiar with Orthodoxy- being a deacon is more similar to being an assistant pastor than a protestant deacon. 

Please keep us in your prayers as this is an exciting and life-changing time for us.

Also, news from the homefront- Katherine is basically fine now. She has a residual cough, but those can last forever. I had my baby appointent with my midwife and everything seems to be fine thus far. She is also going to let me continue to nurse throughout the pregnancy which is great. I had pre-term labor problems with Katherine, so that would rule our breastfeeding in the last trimester by most doctors' standards. HOWEVER, I know what pre-term labor feels like after going through it for weeks, so I can easily stop nursing if I get those sensations. Also, since my pre-term labor was determined to have been caused by an infection (though I hold on to my belief that the dates were wrong and that it was normal labor) it shouldn't have to be repeated again.

My little cutie!
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