Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baby wipes

To be honest, I had thought of using washable wipes before but I scoffed at the idea. However, as wipe money had been adding up and up and up, the idea has started to look a lot better. Also, as time goes on I find myself looking for more natural and green techniques. I simply hate the idea of using chemicals for everything. Consequently, making my own wipe solution also began to feel better and better.

So I did it.

I found a fantastic website that has many natural wipe recipes. The only downside to it is that most recipes feature baby wash= more chemicals. I know I could buy Castile soap or some other organic blend, but the point of this project was also to save money.

Regardless, I have a few yards of flannel and am ready to start putting them together after Katherine wakes up. My rotary cutter is in her room.

Peace out!

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