Friday, January 28, 2011

My new standard

I have been the bemoaning the loss of many things since I started working full time after college which continued (more so) when Katherine was born. This is that I used to have so many hobbies and interests. I forgot almost all of my French (I took it in college) and so much of what I learned from grad school. Among many other things, I love Shakespeare and 18th century British lit. I want to learn how to knit and also sew some skirts.

I do not have the false assumption that this will magically change.

I know that I have to be realistic. It is definitely tiring to be the primary caregiver of an infant while working from home, while running the home. Being pregnant is like the cherry on top.

However, I decided to not let this be an excuse either.

So, this is my new maxim. I have to do one enriching thing every day. This could be as short as five to ten minutes of reading to as long as I would like- as long as I do something.

I feel quite elated by this thought and look forward to putting it in action.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snowman tutorial

 Ok, so I missed Christmas. Remember this for next year or something. It is probably to depressing to make now because we all want spring to come.

First you need:

White socks
Baby socks
Orange peel
whole peppercorns
Glue gun

Fill the white sock with rice. Try it off into three sections as you fill. (Think snowman body)

 Cut off the end of one of the baby socks.
 After you cut the end, add frays (By cutting) to the raw edge.

 Tie it off with a scrap from the sock (or break it up with another color) This is the hat.

I like to add a "patch" on the hat. (See above)

Time to make the scarf!

Cut the side of another baby sock.

Now you have a long strip.

 Fray the ends.

 Fold over an orange peel and glue it together.
Now, cut the side so that it is in the shape of a carrot. 
Use hot glue to attach the nose. Use peppercorns for the eyes and mouth.

 Gather some small twigs for the arms.

Cut a tiny hole in the side to fill with hot glue. Stick in the stick. (haha)



Saturday, January 22, 2011

Katherine and...


So I said a while ago that I would be updating. Well, I haven't. I even have had news for ages for the small number of people who read this, lol.

For starters, Katherine has been growing so much!

 I guess she was unsure about her Christmas gift...
 She is a super sometimes clean eater.
Her cousin from Belgium made this bath robe for her. I love it. It is big enough so that she can snuggle right into it without exposing a lot of skin. I am pretty horrible at keeping her warm after baths. I try to move quickly, but she often gets upset. Consequently, this is a good thing for me.

Which is good because...

June 24th is the due date for our next little one!
(I still can't believe I am pregnant and it is almost half way through.)
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