Sunday, December 12, 2010

Where have I been after promising to make updates?!?!

Ok, ok, it has been over a month... no excuses... but I'll try very heard to make them up anyway.
I have been busy.
Busy? You may ask? Too busy to make a five minute post once in a while when you spend ten minutes on Farmville everyday?
I lose.

Any who, I directed a Christmas play a week ago. That was not only time consuming, but I think I lost ten years off of my life from it. In the end, the kids did great, but we had set back after set back. The worst was that one of the characters hurt his ankle while walking from the back room to the stage. Yeah. It was re-casted thirty seconds before this poor guy had to perform it. I felt bad for him because he had memorized all of his lines, BUT because of taking on a new part, he had to hold pages of notes anyway.

I tried to make the play special by creating a stage. Heh. I wish I had some pictures. I took two ten foot ladders, covered them with butcher paper and connected them with a rope with six curtains hanging off of it. It was a mix of cool and lame. I also procured (which was a process in itself) dry ice to make a fog effect for the dream of St. Simeon. However, I accidently put it in too soon so it gushed out of the curtain and died prematurely. AT LEAST IT WAS A COOL THOUGHT!

The moral of the story is that I will probably never direct a play again. (I probably will.)

Aside from that, I have been busy working and taking care of Katherine as usual. She has been acting weird when eating. She started some solids (i.e. a jar of apples and 2 oz. of prune juice). Since about the time that I put her on a schedule for them she has been SUPER picky about nursing. She cries after a few minutes, for a few seconds, then goes back to eating. Tonight she screamed like I was trying to kill her when I was nursing. The end result was that I put her to bed and when she got up later she was absolutely fine. Any ideas? She has been working on a tooth for about a month now. It is starting to show a little (like maybe a few molecules) more. I thought it was maybe gas, but I really have no idea. When she nurses in the early morning or after her bedtime she is basically fine and only cries a little, if at all. Oh, if it helps, she is almost six months.

Today, Matt and I missed church. It was the first time since I was having preterm labor ages ago. Matt was sick and had a headache and I had a headache (my headaches have been getting super bad and since I can only take two measly Tylenol, is isn't so great). It was pretty depressing because I had been really looking forward to doing a lot of stuff today. There was a Christmas celebration in a nearby town that we were going to attend. Matt was going to sing with the Choir for it, while I had plans to hang out in the local coffee shop all day. After that we were going to get our Christmas tree and put it up. HOWEVER, we both felt so terrible we slept (me)/watched TV (Matt)for most of the day. Katherine was rather fussy, so we took turns.

THANKFULLY I am feeling much better now. So, hopefully we will put up the tree tomorrow.

Have a good one!

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