Saturday, October 23, 2010

Birth announcement/ thinking of you cards tutorial

I was given a hand/footprint picture set for my daughter. It occurred to me that I could turn it into a lovely project for family members who live far away (My husband and I moved to a different state so he could attend seminary).
Since it was the day Katherine turned three months, it seemed perfect.
After making the picture the kit was intended for, I used some left over blank greeting cards. It actually wasn't that messy, though there was a reason that I ended up using her foot instead of her hand. I imagine that when she is older a hand could be easier.

 After that, I printed wallet sized photos.

 I glued them on with photo safe scrapbook glue. To put a border around the edge, I used white ribbon. If you ever try this it would be better to use a colored ribbon (like pink) so there isn't so much white space.
I liked it, but wanted to add color and draw attention away from possible fraying.

I used a paint marker to add a border. I would recommend experimenting with extra ribbon.  

Here are a couple of the finished cards. Yes, the picture is dark because I procrastinated taking it for almost three weeks. I decided to finally do it tonight so I could finish this post. I left my camera in the car, so I used my cell phone, thus the poor quality. At any rate, I also used a thick dark pen to write her name on the top of each card.

I already sent them to her grandparents and (though they are obligated to) liked them very much.


  1. Cute cards! Thank you for the comments on my blog. Fr John graduated in 2005. Daria is my mother-in-law:) What a small world!

  2. Very sweet cards! I was flipping through blogger and landed here. I love the quilt you made! After I got married I began sewing, too. When my daughter was born I had so much fun making all sorts of bonnets and little dresses for her...

    Anyway, very nice posts. I'll be back!

  3. Thanks! @Mat. Emily- I am also friends with your sister! She came to our wedding.

    @Blondee, I was just looking at your site. I was homeschooled and plan on doing it when our daughter is old enough. I really liked your ideas about saving time in the kitchen.

  4. Those are adorable. You did such a nice job. And your daughter is so precious!

  5. Thanks! I am such a lame person- I find out about new comments days after they were posted. Sorry! Yeah, I think she is cute too, but I am super biased, lol.


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