Sunday, September 26, 2010


Alas, people keep stealing the flowers in front of our house. The heartbreaking thing is when I find them on the sidewalk a few feet away. Sometimes I am able to rescue them by putting them in water. Well, "sometimes" means once.

Any who, here is a tribute to the front of my house. I slaved over it all while being pregnant. I have to confess though, it got rather weedy/grassy after Katherine was born.

 This was much earlier this year.

 Part of it.

 Ah, my glorious hydrangeas. These are the ones that are often stolen.

 All of those morning glories are from two vines. The have even more blooms now.

 Early spring, again. I poorly positioned the poppies so that the rain water from the roof pretty much killed them.

I planted several Iris bulbs. I had only tried bulbs once years ago and did it wrong. I was very happy with these. They were super cheap.

Overall, I have been very happy to have a place for planting. I grew up in the country with endless space for gardening. I missed it a lot from living in the city. Now that we are in town, at least I have something. I have glorious plans for the back lawn, next summer. I was too pregnant to capture it this spring and too busy with the baby this summer. Also, I thought it was filled with Poison Ivy, though it turned out to be the harmless Boston Ivy (I think... I'll find out).

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